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Checking your project's vision

Delivering projects is hard; delivering complex projects—much more so. As project teams grow in size, keeping them under control and working cohesively gets exponentially more difficult.


Large project teams necessarily tackle the work using smaller groups. However it’s easy for those smaller teams to get lost in the detail, lose cohesion and damage the timelines, cost or quality.

When was the last time you shared your vision and plan with your team?


  1. Imagining wild success for the project or programme. What would roaring success look and feel like?
  2. Explaining that vision of wild success to your whole team and get their buy-in
  3. Discussing how that breaks down to each individual team and providing clarity on the boundaries between groups and the way they operate
  4. Working out what the next actions that each team is going to take to get started

Lastly—make sure you’ve got regular opportunities with your team to reaffirm your newly-shared vision.

Your team will thank you for your clarity and you'll deliver better and sooner.